Privacy Policy for the Game & General Information

Google Play requires a privacy policy to be linked to qualify the game for target audiences below the age of thirteen (13). It's usually good to provide one anyway because it's your information and you should know how it gets treated. The game does NOT collect any personal information at all. All data used throughout the game is either programmed in during production or generated on-the-fly when needed. You will be asked to provide the game permission to access the internet, but the game does not actually access the internet; the software used to build the game sets the permission requirement automatically and I have no control over that, else it wouldn't be asked for to begin with.

The game is and shall remain free and ad-free for everyone to play. While making money from the game sounds nice and all, I'll stick with having a real life job as my only source of income. If you see this game being hosted anywhere except on this site or Google Play (developer name: Rainbow Skunk), or if you are being charged money for it, do NOT download or buy it. Email me and let me know immediately about this so I can take the appropriate steps to stop it.

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